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Pets and Eczema

It’s no secret that most kids beg their parents for a pet of some sort over the course of their childhood. For most parents, they simply have to worry about whether or not they want to take on the responsibility of bringing an animal into the house. But for eczema parents, they have a whole other set of worries. Will having a pet aggravate my child’s eczema? Can I even get my eczema child a pet? In short, the answer is yes, you can get your eczema child the pet they’ve been begging for! There are plenty of options that Read More

The Top 5 Diets For Eczema

With eczema being at an all time high, many are wanting to know what are the best foods to eat, but let’s take it a step further with the top 5 diets for eczema in no particular order. GAPS GAPS (Gut And Psychology Syndrome) is a diet founded by Dr. Natasha McBride. It’s focus is on healing the gut to treat alleviate autism, ADHD/ADD, and other learning disabilities, yet it’s been a great tool for those suffering from eczema. One of the main foundational foods this diet focuses on is Broth and foods cooked in it. Meat Stock is used to heal Read More

Why I stopped using probiotics

Over the years I’ve had my share of battling eczema in babies and toddlers. Each time, I used my top 4 things to get us through it: Detox Baths, Creams, Elimination Diets & Probiotics. Of course, I have more in my arsenal including ScratchMeNots and healing foods, yet these are my food sensitivity cornerstones. For my youngest daughter, she had some extra stubborn, calloused skin on her joints that those top four definitely helped out, but then there were the terrible adult poops & belly aches (TMI…sorry, not sorry) Her stomach hurt almost every day. At first it was easy, give her probiotics and it would sort itself out. Her skin would clear up, her stomach Read More

Using Wet Wrap Dressings To Treat Eczema For Kids – Wet Wrapping

One of the most effective ways for to treat a child’s moderate to severe eczema is with wet dressings, also call wet wraps. It is THE go to treatment for flare ups. This nearly miraculous treatment is simple and effective as it allows the skin to: Deeply hydrate the skin while soothing sores Reducing inflammation Relieving itching Healing broken skin Overall calming the skin If you find that your child is restless, itchy, hot, or uncomfortable or experiencing a flare up, wet wrapping can be your go to for some immediate relief. The skin will be noticeably different in the morning or even hours later! This is Read More

Why Dairy Causes Food Intolerance Or Allergies

One of the most common allergens in children these days is dairy products with an emphasis on milk. Many children have to avoid a variety of dairy products so that any food intolerance or allergy does not form. Because dairy seems to be everywhere and in everything, it can be challenging to understand why such a common and seemingly safe product can cause so many problems with your children’s allergies. Knowledge is power, so today we’re going to explore what makes dairy an allergen and how you can give your child the best without using it. What Is A Food Intolerance vs A Food Read More