Herbal Tea For Allergies

herbal tea

As the cool weather months roll in, sipping herbal tea becomes an enjoyable way to relax and warm up. But did you know that many herbal teas are packed with healing properties, nutrients, minerals, and other essentials that may help with allergies?

Adding these to your natural healing remedies may be a great way to keep seasonal allergies at bay while adding a great way to unwind to your busy day. When it comes to children, many of them can be coerced into drinking tea by squeezing and orange into the tea or adding a bit of honey or agave nectar to sweeten things up a bit.

Nettle Tea

This herbalists favorite is literally packed with nutrients that may help relieve inflammation in the skin while it cleanses skin toxins and increases healthy blood flow to the surface. For those who suffer from itching or other discomforting skin conditions, nettle tea can be a great way to support topical skin treatments being used at any given time.


Applying a towel damp with freshly brewed and cooled echinacea tea to the skin can help soothe the skin of itching and fight infections from scratches or eruptions.


A weak eyebright herbal tea can be made and then used as an eye bath to combat dry, itchy, or irritated eyes.


Elder herbal tea is a five-star remedy for allergies, hayfever, colds, coughs, and the flu. This calming and soothing herbal tea helps clear the respiratory tract, minimizes allergic reactions, and can even be applied as a cool compress directly to the skin to deal with akin allergies

As you can see, using herbal tea is a great way to add more all-natural healing to your family! Choose organic herbs that are whole, and steep them for 6-8 minutes in just-boiling water for best results. Flavor and healing – who could ask for more?

Before using herbal tea, ensure that you or your child is not allergic to the plants used by starting slowly. Consult with your physician before using herbs to ensure they are right for you.

2 thoughts on “Herbal Tea For Allergies

  1. James Murphy says:

    Instead of all beneficial herbal teas there are several other herbal tea which have used for many other body balancing acts by people since ancient time. According to me some of the best herbal teas are Essiac tea, green tea, chamomile tea.

  2. Barton Ear says:

    Herbal tea is made from many plants, using not just the leaves, but also the flowers, roots, bark and seeds. At Celestial Seasonings, our herbal tea recipes blend the flavors of different botanicals from around the world – resulting in an infinite variety of healthful taste sensations. In fact, this exploration of the many flavors, remedies and benefits of herbal teas is one of the greatest pleasures of working with herbs — there’s an herbal tea that’s just right for every mood and every moment.

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