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The Real Effects Of Thumb Sucking

Most every parent encounters thumb sucking at some point in their child’s development. While most kids seem to grow out of the habit naturally as they age, especially as they begin enjoying solid foods in a new variety of textures and flavors, some kids stick to their thumb sucking and refuse to give it up. Experts believe that thumbsucking is a response to stress – kids feel stressed out by all kinds of things as they age, and thumb sucking acts as a kind of comforting action that helps soothe the nerves and quiet the mind. Once they feel the Read More

Healthy Teeth On Any Diet

Healthy Teeth Diet
Every time I take my kids to the dentist I get a knot in my stomach. I always worry that their teeth won’t be in good repair and always want the best for the health and strength of their smiles. Recently, I started thinking about the fact that special diets used for allergies and eczema could be keeping super important nutrients out of our kids’ diets which are essential for healthy teeth. What if a non-dairy diet causes demineralization of teeth? What if animal proteins are essential for gum and enamel health? When I started thinking about the health of Read More