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living with eczema

When I started to read Mei’s book, “Living with Eczema”, I quickly realized that if this book were available a few years ago, I could have began my own eczema journey with a solid foundation. Being a new parent of a child with eczema can be life changing and overtly overwhelming. There are so many questions left unanswered. When my daughter was diagnosed with eczema at two months of age, it took lots of googling, reading articles & books and of course, experience to bridge my educational gaps. Today, I’m eager to share the information you’ll gain within Living with Eczema.

It’s similar to the “What to expect” book for eczema, in my opinion. MarcieMom (Mei’s alias) gives clear and specific Q&A between a parent and doctor, insights on what to expect and how to treat various forms of eczema. MarcieMom provides the open and honest dialog between parent and doctor that many of us strive to have, yet don’t have access to. She touches on an array of eczema related topics including a whole chapter dedicated to things that don’t work. She even tackles some controversial subjects such as:

  • the cause skin pigmentation: steroids or the eczema itself
  • when eczema persists even after avoiding various substances and
  • the diet and eczema relationship

True to MarcieMom form, she thoroughly dives into the science of eczema in the chapter, “normal skin vs. eczema skin”. Those particularly interested in the science of the body, skin and eczema will enjoy this chapter as it connects the dots of how & why the body responds the way it does.

living with eczema

It’s crazy the amount of information packed inside of a parent-friendly, easy-to-read and approachable book. There is one key thing to remember when reading “Living with Eczema”, the answers are written from a traditional medical perspective. MarcieMom does a fantastic job of introducing theories, experiences she’s come across and bringing to light some of the controversial topics that we, as parents, may have or will experience. Yet, some of the answers by Professor Hugo are very straightforward. It would have been great to see more answers that began with “While there is no scientific evidence to support…. We have seen that {insert: natural treatment, experimental trials, and/or experiences}.

Want to know more highlights from “Living with Eczema”? Parents will be able to increase their knowledge of their child’s condition quickly, have access to a whole range of questions, and can now create a dialog between parent and doctor about their child beyond the basic questions, with research and experiences to back it up. MarcieMom has empowered us as parents! Should your child’s eczema carry on past the age of 5, MarcieMom gives some insight on how eczema can evolve over the years.

Whether you are new to eczema or a veteran, this book is a great resource!

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