How Yoga Could Help Your Child’s Eczema

yoga for eczema

How Yoga Could Help Your Child’s Eczema

Yoga offers so many benefits to adults who practice it regularly, but did you know that kids, toddlers even can also receive these same benefits? Yoga is a great way to calm, strengthen, and soothe the body and mind – and that kids, who are usually naturally more flexible often take to it like seasoned yogis!

Yoga can be particularly useful to help children with eczema because the movement, focus, and workout that yoga postures offer can work wonders for anxiety and stress, immunity, detoxification, and skin health. Knowing this, it’s not surprising that so many parents are turning to this ancient practice to help heal modern issues.

Stretching Towards Skin Health!

When we stretch, it moves and manipulates the skin in ways that it doesn’t usually get moved throughout the course of the day. This means that more circulation, detox, hydration, and nourishment can happen where it’s needed most – and eczema skin needs all these things more than anything.

Calming the Mind

Even the youngest children can be helped to burn off excess energy, feel more calm and centered and feel more at home in their bodies thanks to the focus and intention that goes into doing yoga. Quieting the mind and learning to be present in the moment has helped many people experience amazing healing benefits.

Feeling Empowered

All kids need their confidence and self-esteem built up, but this is especially true for eczema children who often feel embarrassed by their skin condition or try to avoid situations or activities where they feel uncomfortable about how their skin appears. When kids participate actively though in activities like yoga and it makes them feel noticeably better, it can end up building their overall confidence and self-esteem. Furthermore, these feelings can help a child avoid stress and depression and can actually boost how well the immune system functions, which can also help combat eczema as it’s often immune related.
It’s well known that the blues and lots of stress can get in the way of our bodies functioning the right way and protecting us fully – so yoga for kids with eczema can have far reaching positive effects!

Strengthening the Bond Between Parent and Child

Yoga is a fantastic activity for kids and parents to do together. Since postures can be easily adjusted to fit all ages and abilities, yoga can be a wonderfully bonding time for kids to feel connected to their parents or other caregivers. You can all reap the benefits as a family!

It’s Easier than You Think!

While most toddlers probably can’t finish a full sun salutation, you may be surprised at how long they can stick with a practice! Letting your kids follow along as you do your postures in their own way is more than enough to help keep them involved and make them feel special while giving them all the benefits that yoga offers. You can also check out yoga classes for kids where teachers present poses and meditation in ways that cater to the playful child’s spirit.

Never-ending Lifelong Benefits

As you can see, yoga is a great addition to any kid’s life, but can be especially beneficial on many levels to kids battling eczema, really helping them holistically and naturally alongside other eczema treatments! From strengthening and balancing the immune system to helping with lymphatic and skin detoxing, calming the mind and emotions to cultivating self-esteem and confidence – yoga is an enriching activity that parents and kids will love practicing as a team!


By Kelly Northey

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In her spare time, Kelly helps manage Adelaide Hills Bikram, located in picturesque Stirling, South Australia and is experiencing first hand how beneficial the regular practice of yoga is to so many people.

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