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4 Tips to Make your Morning Easier (and make that bus!)

Let’s be real parents. Getting the kids out the door during the school year can be chaotic. At some point we all fall into a routine of raising our voices and frantically rushing. It’s time to tame the madness. Use our four time-tested tips to keep morning mayhem to a minimum. TIP 1 – Prep the Day Beforehand When your child gets home from school have them prepare for the following day right away. Provide your child a simple list of three things they need to do such as pack their lunch, prep their school bag, pick out the next Read More

5 Tips for Improved Work-Life Balance

A healthy work-life balance is achieved when we are mindful of our priorities and time down to the minute. As we enter into October, National Work and Family Month, it is the perfect time to reflect on how we all can achieve a healthier work-life balance. Read our top five tips below to help you strike a better balance in your life. TIP 1 – Stick to your Priorities. On a daily basis we take part in high priority and low priority tasks. High priority tasks add great value to our lives and are typically things such as family, work, Read More

How Yoga Could Help Your Child’s Eczema

How Yoga Could Help Your Child’s Eczema Yoga offers so many benefits to adults who practice it regularly, but did you know that kids, toddlers even can also receive these same benefits? Yoga is a great way to calm, strengthen, and soothe the body and mind – and that kids, who are usually naturally more flexible often take to it like seasoned yogis! Yoga can be particularly useful to help children with eczema because the movement, focus, and workout that yoga postures offer can work wonders for anxiety and stress, immunity, detoxification, and skin health. Knowing this, it’s not surprising Read More