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ScratchMeNot’s #EczemaAsthma Twitter Chat – Thursday, Nov 13!

Join us as we discuss the connection between eczema and asthma! Our #EczemaAsthma Twitter Chat will feature questions solely about asthma too with guest host & physician, Dr. Renee, who is a Asthma Advocate. Take a moment and submit your questions early to Enjoy a chat, giveaways and great answers from Dr. Renee! Dr. Renee is an asthmatic, which drives her passion for asthma education. She addresses the concerns of asthma suffers, by supplying them with the tools and knowledge they need to receive the best medical care. She has appeared on various shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show. She Read More

ScratchMeNot Review: Living with Eczema – MarcieMom

When I started to read Mei’s book, “Living with Eczema”, I quickly realized that if this book were available a few years ago, I could have began my own eczema journey with a solid foundation. Being a new parent of a child with eczema can be life changing and overtly overwhelming. There are so many questions left unanswered. When my daughter was diagnosed with eczema at two months of age, it took lots of googling, reading articles & books and of course, experience to bridge my educational gaps. Today, I’m eager to share the information you’ll gain within Living with Eczema. It’s similar to Read More

How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?

It’s 2014 and no matter where we turn there’s a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or flashy high-def TV. It’s practically impossible to go anywhere or do anything without seeing all of this impressive technology – and it’s even harder to control how much of it our kids see. For many parents in the modern day, the question of ‘how much screen time is too much screen time’ continues to come up. Today, we’re going to take a fresh look at this issue and cover a few interesting points and some helpful ideas to help you temper the tech in your Read More

The Best Pets For Kids With Allergies

The BEST pets for kids with allergies or sensitivities is not always the easiest to choose. When it comes to helping them develop tools like emotional intelligence, compassion, empathy, responsibility, and sharing, pets can be some of the best teachers. It’s been said that the true value of a person can be seen in how they treat those who can do very little for them. The relationship between a child and their pet cultivates these wonderful sentiments. But what do you do when the very pet that could complete your family makes your child itch, sneeze, cough, and scratch? While Read More

5 Ways To Help Stop Nail Biting

Is your child a nail biter? While most of us look at it as a harmless habit that will go away with time, it turns out that it may be a lot more serious. Nail biting, especially during formative years, can do serious damage to teeth, nails, and skin – and for kids who already deal with sensitivities like eczema, things could get even worse. If your child is biting their nails, now is the time to help stop the habit so that they can look and feel healthier. To help, here are some simple ways you can help stop Read More