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tips how to teach kids do chores

Let’s face it – getting kids to do chores is usually not the easiest thing we do all day!

The good news is that helping kids become the responsible, tidy, and organized little humans we want them to be doesn’t have to be a chore in and of itself! Today, we’re going to share a few ideas that can help transform chore time into fun time – for your kids and for you!

Get On The Reward System

Many parents think that associating rewards with chores is a bad idea because it teaches kids that they should get something every time they help out. In some cases this is totally right, but when it comes to rotating or recurring chores, rewards could be teaching your kids more than you think.

Using a reward system is a step in the direction of teaching your kids about work, finances, budgeting, and saving. You can use rewards as a way to help them save up quarters to buy a toy or special event, and you can use the work process as a way to teach them the value of a hard day’s work. Kids who go out into the world understanding that you have to work for what you have are often the ones most prepared for schooling and jobs.

Make It Awesome!

Chores are often this one-sided, disconnected event where kids end up alone in their rooms putting things away or trying to figure out what you want them to do. Instead of making a chore something that needs to be done, make it something that needs to be experienced! Make music, singing, danging, and mini-games part of the process and you’ll see the whole chore situation change dramatically.

Putting on music during chore time can life moods and keep energy up. Having fun songs to sing and ‘victory dances’ to do when each task is finished can help break the situation down into smaller, easier parts.

Make sure to celebrate, and infuse the process with as much positivity as you can. Work isn’t always fun and that’s a fact, but kids can learn how to choose to be happy and positive even when chores aren’t what they want to be doing. Again, this training carries over into school work and jobs and helps them realize they they are in complete control of how they feel.

Call In The Monsters!

This has to be one of the most brilliant apps out there.

Chore Monster is a colorful, interactive app that breaks down chores and creates a super engaging rewards system that’s completely app based. You have to see the video for this app and learn more about how it works… it’s brilliant! Click the image below to explore.

tips how to teach kids do chores

What Works For You?

Share your tips and tricks for healthy, happy chore time with us in the comments below!


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