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The Best Pets For Kids With Allergies

The BEST pets for kids with allergies or sensitivities is not always the easiest to choose. When it comes to helping them develop tools like emotional intelligence, compassion, empathy, responsibility, and sharing, pets can be some of the best teachers. It’s been said that the true value of a person can be seen in how they treat those who can do very little for them. The relationship between a child and their pet cultivates these wonderful sentiments. But what do you do when the very pet that could complete your family makes your child itch, sneeze, cough, and scratch? While Read More

They Say It’s Your Birthday… Now What?

Kids who have summer birthdays really have it good – parties are always fun in the sun! No matter how many activities are planned and how much great food is on the table, parents who have kids with allergies often struggle to let their kids enjoy birthday parties for fear of allergen exposure and illness. If you’ve got a birthday party to attend this season, we’ve got some ideas for you – and a few questions, too! Food Allergies Are No Fun The number one thing parents who have kids with allergies worry about when it comes to parties of Read More

Sprouting and Pre-Soaking Made Easy With Nate Jackson

This week we’re thrilled to share a very special guest post written by our friend Nate from Nate’s raw Harvest… enjoy! Hello everyone! This is Nate from Nate’s Raw Harvest.  School is starting back up and, whether your little one is about to start, or it’s just around the corner for them, their nutrition will have a huge role in their success.  Not only can the quality of their nutrition influence their ability to learn, but also increase or decrease their food sensitivities and allergies.  That’s just one more thing to have to worry about with all the things we Read More

Teach Your Kids a Second (or Third) Language And Dramatically Enhance Their Success Potential!

The world is becoming smaller and smaller every day. With the Internet, quick travel, and global cities that host people from all across the world there’s one tool that can set anyone apart from the rest as they try to find their career success – speaking more than one language. Kids learn fast, and taking advantage of this time to give them exposure to one or several other languages can dramatically enhance the way they think, connect with others, process information, problem solve, and fit into a multi-cultural world. Kids who speak more than one language often feel more confident Read More

Splash Into Summer Fun!

Summer is in full force and boy is it hot outside! If your kids are like mine, there’s one thing they want to do when the sun is out and the thermometer is at the tipping point – play in the water! Water fun makes a great summertime activity that’s not only fun, it can actually help soothe and even prevent eczema issues. Today we’re going to take the plunge and look at a few simple ideas for water play, and some of the ways they help soothe sensitive skin. No matter where the water takes your family this summer, Read More