The Beautiful Benefits Of Berries

benefits of berries

If there’s one natural food that most kids will eat without a fight, it’s berries. There’s something about the vibrant colors, sweet taste, small size, and amazing fragrance of berries that gets kids’ attention and inspires them to snack like they’re eating junk food! While most parents jump for joy anytime they get their kids to choose plant-based whole foods for a treat, there may be even more to celebrate than we realize. It turns out that berries are some of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet and that they can help the growing bodies of our kids stay healthy in a variety of ways.

What’s Inside?

Berries are loaded with vitamins and minerals that help support everyday wellness and long term development. Many kids are deficient in minerals and plant-sourced vitamins, and berries can help correct this issue in a way that feels like you’re just enjoying a healthy treat.

One of the number one reason why dietitians and doctors suggest berries is that they’re loaded with antioxidants. These free-radical fighting nutrients help the body protect itself from cancer, inflammation, and wear-and-tear.

Berries are also great for kids who may be dealing with diabetes. While berries may taste like they’re loaded with sugar, the natural sugars they contain are bound with fiber which makes them act like regular fruit in the body. No insulin spike, no sugar crash, and no refined sugars!

For kids who may be struggling with weight control, berries are a great option. The high fiber, liquid, and nutrient content makes them a snack that keeps the body satiated while adding to the overall satisfaction we can all get from food. A serving of berries can scratch an itch for sweets while helping the body flip the ‘I’m full’ switch in a healthier way.

Are Berries Anti-Itch?

While berries may not stop the itch of eczema, they may actually be able to help in more ways than we imagine.

First, for parents who use distraction as a way to stop the itch-scratch cycle, berries are a great choice. Frozen berries provide a soothing sensory stimulation that keep kids engaged, and the carbohydrates contained in berries can help the body respond to immune issues better while keeping minds calm and bodies strong.

The antioxidants and other nutrients in berries make them naturally anti-inflammatory. For this reason they’re the perfect go-to snack for kids who deal with itching that’s caused by or worsened by inflammation.

Try adding berries to your kids’ lunches, to the dinner plate, frozen for movie snacks, or as a main ingredient in smoothies – your kids will love them and you’ll love all the great benefits they get from them!

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