Sweet Fruits That Fight Inflammation

anti-inflammatory fruits

Inflammation is a major part of eczema and other allergy issues. When skin gets inflamed, itching and scratching begin which can lead to infections and skin damage. Many parents have found that when they are able to control inflammation, eczema ends up being controlled at the same time. While there are anti-inflammatory medicines out there, fighting with food is a great alternative. Since kids love fruit, today I’d like to share some amazing all-natural treats with you that your kids will love and that just might help keep inflammation at bay!

The Fruit Family

While all fruits have anti-inflammatory properties, some are more powerful than others. Flavonoids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids all help prevent and reduce inflammation and occur naturally in fruit!

The Best Fruits For Fighting Inflammation

Here are just some of the top fruits that fight inflammation…








Each of the fruit above carry a variety of nutrients that can help prevent or soothe inflammatory issues so that your family can get back to enjoying life without the itch!

When choosing fruits, go for organic whenever possible. Fruits are notorious for absorbing more pesticides than other types of foods, so it’s a good idea not to cut corners when it comes to these naturally sweet treats!

Adding these fruits to your family’s diet every day makes it easy for them to benefit from all the goodness that fruits offer. You can enjoy fruits on their own or in the form of homemade fruit leather, sorbets, or toppings. Fruits also make a great healthy dessert option that will satiate a sweet tooth without all the processed sugars!

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