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The Beautiful Benefits Of Berries

If there’s one natural food that most kids will eat without a fight, it’s berries. There’s something about the vibrant colors, sweet taste, small size, and amazing fragrance of berries that gets kids’ attention and inspires them to snack like they’re eating junk food! While most parents jump for joy anytime they get their kids to choose plant-based whole foods for a treat, there may be even more to celebrate than we realize. It turns out that berries are some of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet and that they can help the growing bodies of our kids Read More

Sweet Fruits That Fight Inflammation

antiinflammatory foods
Inflammation is a major part of eczema and other allergy issues. When skin gets inflamed, itching and scratching begin which can lead to infections and skin damage. Many parents have found that when they are able to control inflammation, eczema ends up being controlled at the same time. While there are anti-inflammatory medicines out there, fighting with food is a great alternative. Since kids love fruit, today I’d like to share some amazing all-natural treats with you that your kids will love and that just might help keep inflammation at bay! The Fruit Family While all fruits have anti-inflammatory properties, Read More

Diet & Behavior

As parents we learn pretty quickly which things cause behavioral issues in our kids. Not enough sleep, too much stimulation, long car rides, heat, and other factors can all turn up the grumpy or even lead to full meltdowns. While all kinds of factors influence how kids and adults feel and act, there’s one thing that ‘takes the cake’ when it comes to behavioral issues – diet. More and more parents are discovering that what their kids eat has a direct link to how their kids act, and there’s even some interesting science behind why it all happens. In recent Read More

Too Much Of A Good Thing Is A Bad Thing

If your family is like mine, eating a restricted diet is just a normal, everyday routine. Keeping kids away from foods that aggravate their eczema while trying to eat well myself means that the number of foods we have to choose from seems to shrink all the time. At this point, I’m pretty confident about the ‘safe foods’ that work for my family – but I’ve noticed something recently. My shopping list is typically made up of the same set items week after week, and that concerned me. Variety is the spice of life – and the body needs variety Read More

My Favorite Vegan Pancake Recipes

Who doesn’t love pancakes for breakfast? These delicious goodies have been a staple in many homes for years because they’re filling, easy to customize for picky eaters, and they can even be really easy to make if you get your batter done up in advance. I love all things bread – and pancakes are a great way to get the comfort in a variety of fin ways. I am a big fan of making things in advance and taking full advantage of my freezer. Pancake batter is one of those things that can be created in bulk, stored in a Read More