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Chia Seeds 101

Chances are you’ve heard of chia seeds and have seen lots of hype about these little guys all around the internet. If you’re wondering about chia seeds’ relationship to that ‘grow your own’ statue product from the 80’s, they’re the same thing, although the chia seeds you’ll want to use should be organic.  Chia seeds are an essential because they carry an impressive array of healing benefits, lots of nutrients, and you can add them to pretty much any dish or drink you create so it’s easy to get them into your kids’ diet. In this article we’ll be exploring Read More

Easy All-Natural Vapor Rub Recipe

DIY Vapor Rub
Using vapor rub is a simple and effective way to help make breathing easier, cut down on wheezing, soothe the respiratory system, and make it easier for kids and adults to sleep and play easier. While there are countless versions on the shelves, they aren’t all created equal. I’m a big fan of going natural and DIY in order to control what ingredients I use and save a little money along the way – and vapor rub is a great way to do both. I love having homemade vapor rub on hand to deal with everything from allergies to colds Read More

Cooling The Heat Of Eczema Inflammation

Did you know that one of the biggest reasons why eczema is painful, itchy, and prone to infections is inflammation? When the skin and tissues under the affected area become inflamed, the real problems begin. Fighting inflammation can lead to a huge decrease in eczema issues, and today I’m going to share a few ‘do it yourself’ ideas for soothing and cooling the heat of eczema inflammation. These all-natural remedies might be a great alternative to steroids or strong topical creams for your child, so try them out and see how they work for you! Cooling Cucumber Wash Cucumbers are Read More

Fighting Bug Bites The Natural Way

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One of the things we often overlook during the warm months is bug bites. Kids with allergies seem to react more intensely to big bites than other might, and the itching, scratching, discomfort, inflammation, and infections can all make things worse. The catch-22 seems to be that many of the bug repellent products on the market are made from materials that parents simply don’t want in their homes. Whether it’s an issue of allergies, sensitivities, or just a preference for less chemicals, there are lots of reasons to go natural! This week we’re going to look at three really simple Read More

Herbal Poultice Recipes For Eczema

One of the most effective things that healing herbs can be used for is to treat inflammation and soothe the skin. A poultice is an easy way to apply the healing properties of a plant to the skin in the easiest and most hassle free way, and it’s a great option for people who want to avoid heavy chemicals or products for topical skin application. Today, we’re going to look at just a few common medicinal plants that can be used with the approval of your child’s doctor to soothe the skin, deliver important nutrients, and calm inflammation. Making A Read More