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How ScratchMeNot Supports Eczema Awareness Month

eczema awareness month

This is a wonderful month to bring Eczema Awareness to the forefront of everyone’s mind. Here’s how ScratchMeNot is helping push the cause forward! Events: Free Eczema Class on October 14, 2014 at the Nappy Shoppe at 11:30am Eczema & Asthma Twitter Chat on Oct 30, 2014… Stay tuned for details Giving Back: $1 from every sale […]

Sensory Processing Disorder ( SPD) – Sensory Diet

The sensory diet may prove to be a great diet for any child. Upon first glance, it’s easy to assume that the word diet is food related. However in the Sensory Processing Disorder ( SPD ), I’ve come to see that this sensory diet is a diet of individualized activities catered to help a child […]

Cabin Fever – Indoor Fun!

cabin fever

“Mom, we’re bored. There’s nothing to do!” How many moms worldwide cringe at those words every day? Those words are especially bothersome when the day is a snow day and school has been cancelled…again. You are trapped in a tiny box with four walls and kids who want out. Help! With the crazy winter/spring we’ve […]

Caring For Sick And Healthy Children At The Same Time!

caring for sick and healthy

Sniffling. Then a fever. Perhaps nausea. Oh no! One of the kids are sick. Now what? As a parent of a sick child, caring for a sick child is the most important thing on your mind. Keep the child hydrated. Medicate for fever and symptoms. Try to make the child comfortable. All of these things can […]

How Yoga Could Help Your Child’s Eczema

yoga for eczema

How Yoga Could Help Your Child’s Eczema Yoga offers so many benefits to adults who practice it regularly, but did you know that kids, toddlers even can also receive these same benefits? Yoga is a great way to calm, strengthen, and soothe the body and mind – and that kids, who are usually naturally more […]

The Art Of Responsibility

tips how to teach kids do chores

Let’s face it – getting kids to do chores is usually not the easiest thing we do all day! The good news is that helping kids become the responsible, tidy, and organized little humans we want them to be doesn’t have to be a chore in and of itself! Today, we’re going to share a […]

They Say It’s Your Birthday… Now What?

how to attend birthday party with an allergic kid

Kids who have summer birthdays really have it good – parties are always fun in the sun! No matter how many activities are planned and how much great food is on the table, parents who have kids with allergies often struggle to let their kids enjoy birthday parties for fear of allergen exposure and illness. […]

Teach Your Kids a Second (or Third) Language And Dramatically Enhance Their Success Potential!


The world is becoming smaller and smaller every day. With the Internet, quick travel, and global cities that host people from all across the world there’s one tool that can set anyone apart from the rest as they try to find their career success – speaking more than one language. Kids learn fast, and taking […]

Draw Up A Chalk Photo Shoot!

chalk photo shoot

The sun is out and it’s finally warm! One of the funnest and most memorable ways to get outside and enjoy an afternoon of play is with sidewalk chalk! The colors of the chalk and the massive canvasses that sidewalks and driveways offer gets kids really excited – and it can keep them busy for […]

Sensory Processing Disorder SPD – Sensory Diet

The sensory diet may prove  to be a great diet for any child. Upon first glance, it’s easy to assume that the word diet is food related. However in the Sensory Processing Disorder ( SPD ), I’ve come to see that this sensory diet is a diet of individualized activities catered to help a child […]

Family Photos – Love Them or Dread Them?

family photos tips

Everyone loves a beautiful family portrait that shows the personality of each family member and the love they all share – but is getting the perfect shot just completely impossible? I don’t know about you, but family portrait day can often be a source of more anxiety and hassle for me than it is fun […]

Mom’s Night Out!

moms night out

No matter how much of a super mom you may be, we all need a break sometimes! Studies have shown that people who take breaks and take time out for rest and relaxation are more aware, alert, and clear – and as moms we can always use more of that! While it’s not always easy […]

Fun Family Field Trips With A Purpose

fun family field trips

There’s no better way to keep kids happy, active, and scratch-free than to keep them busy and engaged! One of the funnest ways my family makes this happen is with field trips. We love to go out into our community and explore all of the neat things happening there every day, and I like getting […]

How To Have A Rainy Day Photo Shoot

rainy day photo shoot

Weather got your little ones down? Have no fear! Rainy days are the perfect excuse to get creative indoors and have some amazing photos to show for it. Setting up a rainy day photo shoot is simple, free, fun, and often keeps kids engaged for hours since you can make it have as many steps […]

Family Movie Night!

family movie night

Movies are a fun, hassle-free, and affordable way to get the family together and enjoy some great entertainment. Laughing is a great way to relieve stress and boost the immune system, and many movies offer ways to explore life lessons in light-hearted and non-confrontational ways. A movie night is also a great option for parents […]

Making A Family Calendar

family calendar

If there’s one thing that brings a family together it’s having everyone on the same page – and there’s no better way to do that than with a family calendar! Using a family planner is a wonderful way to help make each member of the family know how important they are, and it helps younger […]

Simple Ways For Parents To De-Stress

If your a parent, chances are you’ve had ‘those moments’ where you thought your nerves and patience would be lost forever. You’re not alone! Even though you may be an amazing parent, you’re still a human being. Many parents fall short of taking adequate care of themselves because they are so focused on caring for […]

Fun & Hassle-Free Ways To Keep Your Toddler Happy And Busy

fun play activities for toddlers

If you’re the parent of a toddler with allergies, you already know that a bored child means a lot more scratching! Kids often need a constant stream of stimulating activity in order to keep their stress levels down, imaginations up, learning in progress, and mind off the itching. Many parents, myself included, have experienced the […]