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Is Your Child Allergy-Safe At School?

Recently in the news there’s been a lot of talk about the safety of kids with allergies in schools and what schools should do when allergy attacks hit – especially life-threatening attacks like anaphylaxis. Schools are limited legally to what types of medications they can keep on hand and administer to a child, but since an allergy attack can go from bad to worse in seconds, many parents believe it’s important for schools to stock and administer medications like Epinephrine. Throughout the 50 states there are a variety of laws that regulate the use of EpiPen and other similar medications. For Read More

Teach Your Kids a Second (or Third) Language And Dramatically Enhance Their Success Potential!

The world is becoming smaller and smaller every day. With the Internet, quick travel, and global cities that host people from all across the world there’s one tool that can set anyone apart from the rest as they try to find their career success – speaking more than one language. Kids learn fast, and taking advantage of this time to give them exposure to one or several other languages can dramatically enhance the way they think, connect with others, process information, problem solve, and fit into a multi-cultural world. Kids who speak more than one language often feel more confident Read More

Making A Family Calendar

If there’s one thing that brings a family together it’s having everyone on the same page – and there’s no better way to do that than with a family calendar! Using a family planner is a wonderful way to help make each member of the family know how important they are, and it helps younger kids learn the importance of using a schedule and taking accountability for decisions. A family calendar can be used to plan out meals, activities, homework due dates, chores, seasons, or rest days; and each person in the family can be given a voice on the Read More

The Home School Solution

If you have a child with eczema, allergies, or special needs, chances are you’ve already encountered the challenge that school brings up. Letting your children out of your sight for many hours a day can be overwhelming to parents since they lose control over the unique health needs their child has – but is home schooling the best alternative to doing so? Many parents in recent years have chosen home schooling as a way to keep their kids at home where they can be given the best direct support and care, and we’ll be looking into this option in this Read More