How To Have A Rainy Day Photo Shoot

rainy day photo shoot

Weather got your little ones down? Have no fear! Rainy days are the perfect excuse to get creative indoors and have some amazing photos to show for it.

Setting up a rainy day photo shoot is simple, free, fun, and often keeps kids engaged for hours since you can make it have as many steps as you like. Today, I’m going to share some fun ideas you can use to turn your camera or camera phone and a little creativity into a day of beautiful memories you’ll all be proud of!


Face painting is a super fun way to get kids excited and to pique their creativity. Face painting can be a great activity to do before a snack and a photo shoot – and as you can see it can help occupy a good deal of time doing something that’s truly fun for everyone. Most face paints are hypoallergenic. Double check before you use them. Also test spot them for about 10 minutes to see If there’s a skin reaction.

Dress Up

A rainy day is a great day to go through closets and bins to find fun clothes to dress up in. Costumes from Halloween’s past, vintage clothing, or other fun outfits can be a blast to mix and match, and it gives parents a chance to see if anything needs to be donated or thrown away.


Picking a big empty wall gives your kids a giant canvas where they can use paper cut outs, confetti, cardboard, and toys to create a variety of scenes. They can involve toys, furniture, and just about anything else to transform their creative ideas into 3D scenes that will look amazing in photos!

Reenact This!

A fun game you can play with your kids is to give them scenes from their favorite movies, images from posters or famous works of art, or even charades-style directions and have them reenact them. Take pictures and create a photo album of scenes!

Have you ever done a rainy day photo shoot with your kids?
What kinds of things did you do, and how did your photos turn out?

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