Caring For Sick And Healthy Children At The Same Time!

caring for sick and healthy

Sniffling. Then a fever. Perhaps nausea. Oh no! One of the kids are sick. Now what?

As a parent of a sick child, caring for a sick child is the most important thing on your mind. Keep the child hydrated. Medicate for fever and symptoms. Try to make the child comfortable. All of these things can keep you hopping.

But what if you are a parent to more than one child? Your troubles have just doubled…or tripled. How can you keep your little one from spreading the bug to the other children? How are you going to clean up accidents and administer medication while watching the other kids? Even the best of parents will drop from the strain after a while. A few suggestions may help you lighten your load during this trying time.


Now is not the time to worry about toys being scattered everywhere. If the other kids are playing happily with the toys, you will have a chance to run chicken soup to your child that’s under the weather. Break a few house rules during this time. You will do better to save the clean-up for days after the sickness has passed.

Friendly Quarantine. 

Try to keep the sick child away from the well ones as much as possible. If they share a bedroom, consider moving the well child into the living room in a bed sheet tent. This makes the displacement fun for the well child, while allowing the sick child to be comfortable in their own room.

Prevent Cross Contamination. 

It’s important not to cross-contaminate the utensils and cups. Mark your sick one’s cup with tape or marker. Make it his special cup while he is sick. A disposable cup is perfect. The others should stick to their desiginated cups to ensure there’s no cross contamination. Same goes with utensils and dishes. We love using water bottles, everyone automatically know’s who’s is who’s.

Kids Can Help Too!

Anyone can help take care of the sick child no matter the age. Let them make them make get-well cards or bring him/her crackers. Coloring the cards and putting their own sentiments on it will help them to feel involved, helpful and happy. They will also be occupied, allowing you time to get some other things done.

Accept Help!

If Grandma is offering to come over and get the well children for a sleep-over, then by all means let her! If your best friend offers to clean up your house or do laundry, graciously accept the offer with a promise that you will return the favor someday. Face it—you need all the help you can get right now.

Activities For The Sick. 

Puzzles, games and movies will help to keep the sick child occupied while he recovers. You could consider letting him use the phone to call his grandmother or friends. Sometimes it’s hard to create activities for the family when sickness arrives, having a few ideas & crafts can definitely help on those crazy days!

With patience and love, you will get through this time.

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