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Learning How To Breathe

It may sound silly, but many people actually don’t breathe properly! In our society we are taught to suck in our bellies and lify up our heads. This causes the shoulders and chest to do all the work when we have a specific muscle, the diaphragm, that’s supposed to make it all happen. Breathing is tied in to just about every function of the human body and mind. How we breathe influences our stress levels, emotional state, immune system, pain level, and ability to relax the body. When we breathe in a shallow way from the shoulders and chest, we Read More

Simple Ways For Parents To De-Stress

If your a parent, chances are you’ve had ‘those moments’ where you thought your nerves and patience would be lost forever. You’re not alone! Even though you may be an amazing parent, you’re still a human being. Many parents fall short of taking adequate care of themselves because they are so focused on caring for their children. But the truth is that if you take time for you, you’ll be more energized, clear, calm, and patient when it comes time to care for your child. Here are some simple steps to give yourself a quick rest and rejuvenation anytime you Read More