They Say It’s Your Birthday… Now What?

how to attend birthday party with an allergic kid

Kids who have summer birthdays really have it good – parties are always fun in the sun! No matter how many activities are planned and how much great food is on the table, parents who have kids with allergies often struggle to let their kids enjoy birthday parties for fear of allergen exposure and illness. If you’ve got a birthday party to attend this season, we’ve got some ideas for you – and a few questions, too!

Food Allergies Are No Fun

The number one thing parents who have kids with allergies worry about when it comes to parties of any kind is what kinds of food will be available. It’s hard to let your child run free at a party when they may end up with gluten, peanuts, dairy, or other allergens in their mouth the minute you aren’t looking.

So, what can you do? Many parents struggle with bringing food allergy issues up with the party host for fear of being a bother – but health should always come first. It’s important for all parents to learn how to communicate with party planners to keep the area safe for everyone who shows up for fun.

One of the best ways to make a party safe for your child is to offer your help. Calling the host parent and letting them know about your child’s allergies and some simple things they can do is always helpful. Asking them to keep food indoors where kids need supervision to get a plate is a great start. You can also work with them to offer up simple, hassle-free alternatives that will be safe for your child, or volunteer to bring them.

Getting other parents on board to keep an extra eye on your child is also really helpful. You can’t watch them all the time, so recruit some help to make sure that everything your child eats is safe for them.

Simple Strategies

Here are some things you can do to help keep your child safe no matter how crazy the next birthday party gets…

  • Eat before you leave. A full child may snack less and be less interested in the food table during the party.
  • Bring a special treat for your child that’s safe for them. Make a second portion for the birthday child and really put a lot of energy into letting your child know that this is a special treat just for the two of them.
  • Bring your child’s favorite safe treat as a contribution to the food table.
  • As the host parent to keep food out of reach of children so that parents must help them get anything to eat.
  • For severe allergies, you may want to have your child wear a shirt or wristband that alerts other adults to their allergies.

Do you have any tips or tricks you use to help your child have a great time at birthday parties without the allergies?

Share them with us in the comments below!

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