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Treating Ingrown Nails

Ingrown Nails
As a parent with an itchy kid, chances are you already know the importance of well-clipped nails. A regular clipping can be the difference between irritated skin or cuts and scrapes that can get infected – so great nail care is essential. Many parents find that they’re clipping their child’s nails weekly to help cut back on how much damage they do when scratching happens. Other parents clip less and wait for nails to grow out a bit to help avoid sensitivity issues. Either way, when nails get clipped too short or when ingrown nails happen, the situation can become Read More

How To Clip Your Child’s Nails

Have you ever clipped your child’s fingernails – or your own – only to find that you’ve created sharp edges that cause scratching and snagging? Going through the process of manicuring your nails only to discover they’re causing just as much trouble as they were when they were long can be a real frustration – especially if it means you have to get your child to sit still for another clipping session! The good news is that with a few simple tips you can get it right every time and help prevent scratching, snagging, and injuries in your children and yourself. Engage Read More