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How To Sleep with An Eczema Flare-Up

Sleep is a super crucial component to everyone’s overall health. As I’m sure you know, when you are going through an eczema flare-up, sleep can be a nightmare! What makes it worse is that a lack of sleep is not only bad for your overall health, it make your eczema worse too. This study found that eczema was associated with higher odds of fatigue, regular daytime sleepiness, and regular insomnia. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be you! By following some of these tips and tricks, a good night’s sleep with eczema is possible! Keep it cool Read More

Sleeping When Itchy

Itching is probably one of the most distracting, irritating, and agitating sensations we can have. When the skin lights up with hot spots and itching, it seems like the itch goes all the way to the bone. This sensation in children often leads to aggressive scratching that can cause scratches, infections, and further eczema flare ups. The catch-22 with itchy skin is that often times a good night’s sleep gives the immune system and the skin time to do some healing – but who can sleep through an itch? Here are some simple and effective things you can try to Read More

The Secret To Safe Co-Sleeping When Eczema Flares Up

If scratching and irritation are keeping your child up at night or causing them to do damage to their sensitive skin while they sleep, co-sleeping may be a great option for you. While I really tried to avoid sharing my bed with a tossing, turning little one, I found to be a really effective and helpful option when things got rough. Co-sleeping has a ton of positive benefits, and it can be done safely without a lot of hassle if you’ve got the basics down. Today I’ll be sharing with you why this is such a great option for many Read More

The Basics Of Polyphasic Sleeping

polyphasic sleeping for eczema
If your little one isn’t sleeping because of itching, pain, discomfort, or other issues, chances are you aren’t either. As parents, getting enough sleep is just as important for our health and wellness as it is for our kids’ development – so how to we find balance? If your child isn’t giving you enough down time to get the rest you need, polyphasic sleeping may be one solution. This sleeping rhythm gives you short bursts of deep rest at timed intervals throughout the day so that you can match nap times and function on as little as just two hours Read More

Adrenal Fatigue & Eczema

Our adrenal glands are essential to keeping us protected from illness and stress. Located on top of the kidneys, the adrenals release a variety of hormones that respond to stress to help keep us protected and alert when times are tough. If you’ve dealt with eczema for any length of time, you know that it can be a deeply stressful and draining experience. While this shows on the surface., what may not show is what’s happening on the inside. The adrenals are not an endless well of stress hormones and they can be depleted if they don’t have enough time Read More