Sprouting and Pre-Soaking Made Easy With Nate Jackson

sprouting and pre-soaking made easy

This week we’re thrilled to share a very special guest post written by our friend Nate from Nate’s raw Harvest… enjoy!

Hello everyone! This is Nate from Nate’s Raw Harvest.  School is starting back up and, whether your little one is about to start, or it’s just around the corner for them, their nutrition will have a huge role in their success.  Not only can the quality of their nutrition influence their ability to learn, but also increase or decrease their food sensitivities and allergies.  That’s just one more thing to have to worry about with all the things we parents all ready have going on.

As a single parent and holistic lifestyle coach I started making snacks with my son and clients in mind.  When it comes to nutrition and allergies, the way you prepare the food has just as big a role as the food itself.  Whether you are buying products or making them yourself I highly recommend educating yourself on the benefits of pre-soaking and sprouting.  Once certain foods are pre-soaked/sprouted many people find that they are much easier to digest and have virtually no negative reactions them.  This is great for kids with allergies, food sensitivities, skin issues, or digestive issues.

To get a little more scientific, some foods contain anti-nutrients called enzyme-inhibitors, which block you from absorbing all of the nutrients in a food.  These foods include all grains, lentils, beans, nuts, and seeds.  Once they are pre-soaked or sprouted all of the enzyme-inhibitors are neutralized. This process increases the proteins, minerals, and enzymes and allows us to digest and absorb them much easier.  This is the premise behind Nate’s Raw Harvest and the snacks I make.  As parents, we may not be able to control what our kids eat all the time, but we can control it when they are at home with us and when we send them off with a packed lunch.

Feel free to visit my website and learn more about the benefits of pre-soaking and sprouting.
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Nathan Jackson is a personal trainer and holistic lifestyle enthusiast in Dallas, TX. His passion for high-quality nutrition led him to the decision to create Nate’s Raw Harvest and bring the benefits of sprouted, organic, raw foods to the public. Nathan, 32, was born and raised in Ft.Worth and spends his free time with his seven-year-old son. He has a degree in exercise science from UT Arlington and has been certified with ACSM, NASM, and the CHEK Institute.

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