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How ScratchMeNot supports Eczema Awareness Month

This is a wonderful month to bring Eczema Awareness to the forefront of everyone’s mind. Here’s how ScratchMeNot is helping push the cause forward! Events: Free Eczema Class on October 14, 2014 at the Nappy Shoppe at 11:30am Eczema & Asthma Twitter Chat on Oct 30, 2014… Stay tuned for details Giving Back: $1 from every sale during the month of October will be given to the National Jewish Health! They specialize in severe eczema cases all over the world and are located in Colorado! Families that are seeking medical attention only pay what they can afford. It is truly an exciting Read More

Types Of Eczema

If you are exploring eczema, you may have noticed that narrowing down the specific type of eczema you and your child are dealing with can be really frustrating. Eczema is eczema, but in order for medical professionals to do research and find treatments, they often break the greater eczema illness down into sub-categories to make it easier for them to keep track of variations and different ways the disorder can manifest in any individual patient. Today, take a few moments with us to explore the various types of common eczema and learn what they are and how they behave. Atopic Read More

The Best Linen Types For Sensitive Skin

As the cooler weather sets in, many parents change or increase the type of sheets and blankets used on their child’s bed to give added comfort and warmth. At this time, many parents wonder if certain fabrics are better or worse for their children who have sensitive skin or allergies – and the answer may surprise you! In today’s post we’ll look at some of the most popular types of linens, sheets, and blankets to give you information about which types may be best for you and your family. Micro-Fiber This easy to clean material is made from tiny pieces Read More

ScratchMeNot Costume Contest

I am so excited to tell you about the ScratchMeNot Halloween Costume Contest. People who post their Halloween costume on Facebook will have a big chance to win these prizes from ScratchMeNot. Just visit the ScratchMeNot Facebook page to see the details and rules of this contest. (UPDATE: A NEW PRIZE ADDED)   Here’s a chance to win prizes that you’ll LOVE! On our ScratchMeNot Facebook page: Like the post. Comment on the post with the photo of your favorite Halloween costume or post the photo of your favorite Halloween costume on your own Facebook page with hashtag #ScratchMeNot. Incorporate a ScratchMeNot into your kid’s Read More

ScratchMeNot Eczema Asthma Connection – Recap

Last Thursday, we held our first Twitter Chat with Dr. Renee from @AskDrRenee on the topic of eczema and asthma using hashtag #EczemaAsthma Read more about the connection and Q&A about both topics below:     [View the story “The Eczema & Asthma Connection” on Read More