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Low Dose Allergy Immunotherapy

One of our ScratchMeNot families has graciously shared a new treatment they are seeking to use for their son, Low Dose Allergy The Davis’ have a son with moderate-severe case of eczema & allergies. They are looking to begin treatment after raising funds through a Go Fund Me campaign (www.gofundme.com/Linkseczema). They are hoping that this will help their son Link win his battle with eczema for good. Link’s mom, Amber, tells about how eczema has affected his life and how this treatment will help. 

Our son, Link, has had eczema since he was born. It did not affect his behavior very much. He might have scratched a little bit during diaper changes or when he had a free hand, but it was always minor. An easily controlled issue with toys attention and tummy time. Late one night, he started crying and like most nights we went in to help sooth him back to sleep. This time was different however, when we picked him up from his crib and brought him up there was a thin coating of blood on my husband’s hands. Concerned for him, we immediately took him into the bathroom to see what had happened. He had scratched his chest and face to the point of making himself bleed. This was the start of our journey.

After trying a few home ideas to keep the scratching to a minimum, we tried keeping him covered with socks and even with gauze. For a couple months these ideas helped reduce the amount of damage he could do. That was until Link started to get smarter, he soon learned that he could easily grasp the socks with each hand and pull them off. We started seeing a pediatrician who told us there was a chance he would grow out of it, so we waited. We were hoping that we would start to see a decrease in the amount of redness and irritation on Link’s skin. As time went on, we started to notice a pattern, for a little while, be it a couple of days or a couple of weeks, the eczema would get better. Then randomly it would get worse and we would find him rubbing his face and crying. We knew we needed help. We started with a traditional, medical doctor who specialized with allergies. Did a blood test to find some possible factors, but it’s been found to be mostly inaccurate. On the count of the results stated, Link would have allergies with dogs, and peanuts. Our two dogs had taking a liking to our child and loved him as much we do, so we started testing, taking out all environmental allergens we could. We stayed over at a family members house to get away from the dogs and pet dander. That week we noticed no visible change in his condition, so we went home back with our pets. After several weeks worth of research, we decided to start testing the foods to see how he reacted. We took out all foods known to cause inflammation; gluten and dairy. We also took out eggs because we noticed a negative reaction when he tried them, Link took a small bite of scrambled eggs, one of my Fiancee’s morning meals, and almost immediately started coughing and gagging,

We wanted to find a cure. Something to fix this problem. We were introduced to an all natural doctor, Dr. Cole, Healing Center in West Chest, Ohio. Right from the get go he said this will be fix 100% with fixing his leaky gut and allergies. He started us on all natural allergy drops Guna-Allergy T and Guna – Dermo. We also started Link on probiotics, from our son’s chiropractor, Dr. Patrick, with Baker Chiropractic. We noticed an immediately positive change, taking away about 30% of the commonly affected areas. His face cleared up and he was sleeping through a lot more of the night. He gave us a list of options for the next step of fixing the rest of it. We decided to go with Low Dose Allergy Immunotherapy, LDA. It is basically a series of all natural allergy shots in oral form. It’s the only known treatment to reprogram the white blood cells to desensitize them and retrain them to not react against what they shouldn’t. It will cure the leaky gut, eczema, and his anaphylaxis with certain foods. He should only need 6 treatments, that can only be done at very least every 8 weeks. We will update as he continues to improve. This is one of the few treatments that provide immediate results. He should receive the last dose in about a year. We are hopeful that the treatments will work for Link!

Thank you Amber for sharing your story! So exciting to see new treatments for eczema and we look forward to hearing how Link does with the treatments. If you’d like to donate to the Davis’ Go Fund Me campaign to provide Link with the Low Dose Allergy Immunotherapy treatments described above, please visit www.gofundme.com/Linkseczema

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