Foods That Heal

One of the simplest ways to help keep inflammation, infection, food sensitivity, and mood swings at bay is to add healing herbs and spices to your family’s diet. This is a great option because most recipes already call for some variety of herbs and spices, and it’s simple to add more once you know the flavors involved. Some of the most common and ‘everyday’ kitchen ingredients actually have the power ot help heal, and it can be a real treat to learn about which of your favorites adds healing power to your life!

This week, I thought it would be fun to explore some of the most popular and helpful kitchen herbs and spices that can help those families dealing with eczema. You may just be surprised at what can help!


most everyone loves cinnamon, but did you know that this sweet spice can help kill bacteria in the body while calming and soothing stress and anxiety? That’s a great combination for anyone who finds that stress plays into infections or illness.


When digestive issues cause pain or discomfort, dill may be a great solution. This popular herb can help relieve tension from gas and other digestive irregularities while helping the body to digest with ease.


This versatile spice is a powerful anti-inflammatory as well as a great deal of anti-oxidants.


Another great kitchen spice with a lot of potential, ginger is reputed in the East for it’s anti-inflammatory properties.


A great anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Try adding crushed cloves to hot cereal or cookies.


Learning more about the foods you eat and the ingredients you use is a great way to make better diet choices while adding natural healing to your family’s nutrition plan. Enjoy!

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