Simple Tips To A Good Night’s Sleep

If you have a child with allergies, a lot of energy, or just a child who doesn’t want to miss out on anything – you may find that it’s hard to get them to sleep at night. When bedtime comes around, many children experience anxiety about being alone, missing out on fun events that happen after they’re asleep, or sometimes even nightmares. The good news is that there are some simple tips you can utilize every night to help get your child ready for bed and get them off to sleep without all the hassle and fuss.


Come up with a routine that’s easy to follow and the children find predictable. Bedtime routines really helps children (especially young ones) settle down easier if they know what is coming next. An example: Bath, Book, Prayers, & Bed

Start The Process Early

It’s helpful for many parents to start talking about bedtime 30 minutes before it hits. Letting kids know that they have 30 minutes gives them time to process and wind down. You can give them this time to choose an activity like a bath, story, TV show, or other event so that they feel important and part of the process. Give another reminder 5 minutes before the show or activity is over, helps younger ones who may not have a true sense of time understand that bedtime is approaching, without feeling surprised. Thirty minutes goes by fast for a toddler!

Calm Down

There are several things you can do to calm your child’s energy level and help activate their natural desire to sleep. A warm bath, a calm story, changing into comfy pajamas, increasing the heat a small amount, or just enjoying cuddling and talking can all bring on sleep naturally.

Natural Sleep Aids

Warm milk, herbal tea, and even aromatherapy can be used each night to help bring your child into a natural state of sleep readiness. Make sure to talk to your child’s doctor before using any herbs or essential oils as many children are sensitive to these products even though they are all natural.

Burn Off Energy

If you have a child who is very active, try taking a family walk, playing an outdoor game, or doing something active about 2 – 3 hours before bedtime. Finding the right combination of light exercise and dinner can help put any child into a place where sleep comes easily.

Bath Time

Notice we mentioned this twice! It’s amazing what bathtime does to calm a busy body down. It is also a great regimen for sensitive skin. By cleansing the skin and hydrating it thoroughly, your little’s skin can continue the healing process throughout the night. If your child scratches throughout the night, simply grab a ScratchMeNot to allow the skin to heal without tiny fingers interfering.

Getting enough rest is one of the most important parts of your child’s development… make sure that your child¬†and yourself get enough of it every night!

Tell us what your bedtime routine is in the comments section! Let’s help more parents get a better night’s rest.

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