Easy Ways To Reduce Scratching

reduce scratching

Tips to reduce scratching in eczema babies and young kids

Having eczema is tough, whether for babies, young kids or adults. Atopic dermatitis, commonly known as eczema, is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that is characterized by itch (pruritus). This itch, and the constant need to scratch, severely affects the quality of life of both children and parents. Unfortunately, it is not easy to control itch and for babies, it can be extremely difficult (if not outright impossible!) to communicate not to scratch and explain the damage brought on from scratching.

Scratching and its Damaging Effects

Scratching can lead to an itch-scratch cycle where:

1. Eczema skin releases certain chemicals that stimulate the itch signals
2. The itch signals lead to an urge to scratch
3. Scratching further damages the defective skin barrier and increases inflammatory chemicals
4. Damaged skin barrier is more vulnerable topenetration of allergens, irritants and transepidermal water loss
5. Drier skin or skin exposed to allergens and irritants are more likely to itch, be inflamed and exposed to secondary infection, exacerbating the eczema flare-up

Therefore, it’s important to keep your child from scratching and here a tip to do so.

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Caring for a Childs Skin   

Apart from treating the eczema and taking measures to avoid triggers, eczema skin requires extra care. Even without eczema, a baby’s skin is more delicate than adult’s. A baby’s skin is thinner, with less developed pigment cells and sweat glands. It has been studied that infants whose skin have a higher rate of transepidermal water loss are more likely to develop eczema.Here’s a few ways to care for your baby’s skin:

–Do not bathe your baby for long periods of time or in hot water; use room temperature or lukewarm water and bathe for no longer than ten minutes
— Avoid harsh soaps and products with irritants like fragrance, dye and preservatives
— Pat dry, don’t rub dry
— Moisturize immediately after shower, preferably within three minutes
— Do not go out into the hot sun without protection. Use measures like sunscreen application, wearing hats and light long sleeve clothing

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