Easy Ways to Reduce The Itch

reducing the itch Reducing the Itch

Despite good skincare for eczema, the itch sensation may still be felt. Slow moving progress towards getting rid of the pesky itch can be a challenge. We’ve come up with a few easy ways to reduce the itch. There are many studies on medication and itch chemicals within our bodies that doctors use to help us understand how to reduce or block the itch. In order to reduce the itch, we must stop the itch-scratch cycle.

  • Apply a cool compress on the eczema skin patch, which can temporarily ‘numb’ the itch
  • Dry brush” to slough off dead skin. This not only removes dead skin, it increases blood flow and circulation to the trouble skin areas AND feels Great without further damaging the skin. (Please do not dry brush on open wound areas)
  • For nighttime itching, consider taking a detox or antibacterial bath and layering moisturizer from light to heavy onto the skin closer to bedtime.
  • Control the room’s temperature to be cool and humidity to be not less than 40% (dry air draws moisture away from the skin)
  • If it’s really dry skin, consider wet wrapping for the area over night and/or during the day
  • Check with your doctor if antihistamines should be administered.

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