Should you entertain an alternative method?

After the first NAET blog post by Jennifer went live, I was excited to see the outcome. Upon waiting for the part 2 to post, there was unexpected opposition to NAET treatment. Most of us have heard that finding the underlying cause to itchy/sensitive skin is a trial and error process. I was caught off guard when a commenter gave some expected opposition to alternative methods.

While this person had valid concerns, it made me re-evaluate the need for alternative medicine. During my search for the cure, I’ve become aware of many different ideas and ways to hopefully reduce itchiness, allergies and more. However the more bazaar the treatment the more hesitant I become. I began to ask myself, am I hesitant to try this new treatment because I don’t think it will work or because others will think I’m a hopeless romantic, so desperate for a cure that I’d try anything?

I remember when my daughter was about 3 or 4 mths old, I had a gut feeling that she was allergic to dairy. I wanted to try an elimination diet, yet I knew removing dairy meant removing a lot of nutrients including calcium and vitamin d from my diet and hers as I was nursing. I’d need to find adequate supplements to replace what would be lost. So I asked her pediatrician first and she quickly told me that medical research doesn’t support eliminating dairy. She was simply to young to determine what the allergens were and continued to give me a few more reasons as to why it was a bad idea. At first I listened because after all she was the Dr and I am self taught parent. What if I was wrong? I don’t want to damage her health. Thankfully after asking a few other people questions (including other drs) I decided to take a risk and proceed forward with the elimination diet. And it worked!

As I, and others, continue the search on our particular journey, I wonder if the nay sayers are making you rethink your next step. Is the alternative you are leaning towards too radical? Are you afraid to try it out of fear that it won’t work, it’s too much work or money or because it seems too far fetched? What if the alternative method works?

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