Seeing eczema for the first time….Update!!

After writing about Althea’s family experience a few months ago, we were excited to take a moment to catch up with her again for updates! We’ll cut right to the chase and focus on Esau, as his sibling’s have just about grown out of their eczema.

Shortly after being around Althea’s energetic and loving bunch, she quickly grabbed my attention towards Esau’s arms. Althea was SO elated that she tried wet dresses for his arms because of the overnight improvement she’s witnessed. Their pediatrician suggested that she try a wet dress to increase his moisture retention. And sure enough, although I could see his eczema, his skin felt soft and smooth. [Parents who have children with moderate to severe eczema, know that this is a hard feat to accomplish! Sometimes it seems impossible to get rid of that rough, dry skin.] In Esau’s case, his skin was constantly shedding. The wet dresses have been so helpful, Althea has decided to make this a weekly routine.

I was so impressed by the improvements myself, here’s an article that gives some wet wrap techniques!
I asked if Esau’s itching sensation has kicked in, if he was an intense scratcher or only at certain times. She said YES!! He scratches “ALL THE TIME. NO MATTER WHAT! All the time.” Althea asked to try a ScratchMeNot (SMN) and I tried to warn her that they were addictive. A short time later, she ordered 2 more. I asked, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how essential are ScratchMeNots for Esau?” Althea quickly said a “TEN”. We both laughed, as I knew what she meant. She said, “When he wears them, I don’t have to worry about him scratching. I know he can’t scratch himself.” I can hear a mother’s relief! She can turn her back to fold laundry and not turn around to another scratch or scar. I felt like a cheerleader wanting to jump and scream, “Yay for ScratchMeNots!” yet to avoid embarrassment I refrained.

Looking at Esau’s body, eczema hasn’t released it’s grip, but he is winning the battle with the help of his family. It was great to see how happy Althea was to have a few more tricks up her sleeve to keep Esau’s eczema under control. I hope this gives other parents a glimmer of hope as well.  She continues to apply his moisturizers constantly and prescription creams as needed. She is now focusing on Esau’s diet and finding all natural creams that can keep his skin moisturized well.

We’ll continue to check in on Esau and give you updates on his progress. Thanks Althea for sharing with us again!

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