The search for an Aquaphor alternative – Part II Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Results!

In my previous post, I was trying unrefined Coconut Oil as an Aquaphor alternative. I was very excited and a little skeptical, yet hopeful. We had been using Aquaphor and have gotten use to it’s thickness and consistency. Therefore switching to coconut oil has been a little different.

*Important Disclaimer: Before apply new creams over the entire body, test a small area to see if the skin reacts.

I started to use Coconut Oil on December 14. I took a short break from it over the holiday break as I was a little frustrated that it wasn’t the miracle cream that I wanted it to be. After about 3 days of applying it sporadically, her skin looked about the same — dry, rough and crackly. I committed to 7 days straight, but maybe 7 days wasn’t enough, maybe I didn’t apply it enough. I took a small break over the holiday break and reverted it Aquaphor. Started back up with Coconut Oil on December 27th.

This time  I consistently used it everyday. I noticed around day 5, her skin began to improve. Her skin began to look healthy, less crackly and dry. I apply the oil about 3 times a day. 2 of those times is only on her trouble areas (legs and arms). At night, I apply it all over before bedtime.


1. Consistency is solid to the touch, then quickly melts into an oil as it is applied to the skin. This could be viewed as a pro or con depending on preference. A possible fix: Mix it with another natural oil that is thicker.

2. Doesn’t appear to lock in moisture as it doesn’t coat the skin as well as a vaseline based product, however after a few days use, her skin appears well moisturized.

3. $7, since it’s thinner when I apply it, which means I apply it more often. This may cause the oil to run twice as fast.



1. All natural – No unknown ingredients

2. Smells WONDERFUL– Nothing beats a natural oil that smells relaxing

3. $7 for 14oz, cheaper than Aquaphor for the same size.

4. Use it for cooking! In the event you don’t like how the oil works for the skin, you can use it for cooking, which can improve the blood’s cholesterol levels


To my knowledge, there is no skin allergy to the oil. We did experience a recent minor flare up. We think it is a new food we have introduced as her allergies are normally food related. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Overall, I would say Coconut Oil works about the same as Aquaphor for us. I can get use to oil like consistency for an all natural oil, cheaper price and does the same job. 

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5 thoughts on “The search for an Aquaphor alternative – Part II Coconut Oil

  1. Uhura! says:

    I am so glad to have found your site! I saw your article at our mom spot and I loved it. I had eczema flare ups as a child but the Internet was not a big thing then & my mom took me to doctor after doctor with sometime HORRIBLE results!

  2. ScratchMeNot says:

    Thank you for taking a look at the site! I am soo grateful for the Internet, it has really given us more options. We don’t have to rely solely on the doctors advice and it’s easier to connect with others dealing with itchy skin now!

  3. reismom says:

    My mother just told me about a product she found called Monkey Balm. It’s supposed to work within 3 days. Check out We’re going to give it a try and I’ll let you know how he does.

  4. Claire says:

    Interesting to hear your results. We use coconut oil when skin is well under control and like the moisturising result and application.

    Have you tried tallow as an intense deep hydrating balm that is also natural? You can make your own and the results have been great for our 3 year old. We use now for recovery instead of steroid creams, so very happy about that.


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