Celebrating A Gluten Free Halloween

It’s that time of year again when treats and tricks abound! If you have a child with allergies, you may be wondering how to let them celebrate the season without putting their health at risk. The good news is that there are more candy and treat options on the market right now than ever before that cater to the unique needs of kids with allergies. Knowing what is safe for your family is a great way to take the stress and worry out of hallowed and focus on the spooky fun!

Here’s an extensive list provided from www.CelieacCentral.org that will keep you informed all season long! Please keep in mind that these lists are often compiled one year late due to the amount of research it takes, and not all brands are the same, so always double check the label.

>>> Click Here To See The List!

In addition to keeping your eye on gluten intake, it’s important to remember that sugar has its own side effects. Allowing your child to collect candy is fun, but taking control of their stash is a good idea. You may want to try what works for many parents – take your child’s candy and allow them 1-2 pieces daily and a few extras on the weekend during the holiday season. This allows their bodies time to process the sugar, and helps you avoid dealing with the inevitable sugar high and crash.

As always, fruits and savories make great party alternatives, and gluten free cookies are easier to make then ever before!

Happy Halloween!

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