Alternatives To An Allergy-Free Halloween

If you’re excited about celebrating Halloween this year but aren’t excited about all the sugar, gluten, and other allergens, we have some great resources for you! This year you can treat your family, provide for classroom festivities, and even spoil your trick-or-treaters with goodies that taste great and won’t challenge your guests’ health.

Here are a few simple suggestions to help you create the perfect celebration this year in health and happiness!

>>> Cookies & Cakes

Thanks to the availability of flour and what alternatives, making cookies, cupcakes, and cakes without the allergens is easier than ever. In many cases you can follow your favorite seasonal recipes but substitute flour with gluten free alternatives instead. When it comes time to add sugar, check out stevia, agave, and other natural options… your kids won’t taste the difference!

>>> Candy

It can be hard for parents to monitor the candy they receive during the Halloween season, but the truth is that many of the most popular Halloween handouts are actually gluten free these days! Use the link below to see what’s safe for your family, and make sure to read the labels or check the manufacturer’s website for the most updated information. The ‘safe’ candies you can enjoy this year may just surprise you! Gluten Free Halloween candy

>>> Costumes

As strange as it may seem, many costumes are made from materials that may add itching, scratching, and other irritations to your child’s Halloween experience. Make sure to check the materials used in your child’s costume before buying, and watch those with sensitive skin to make sure they stay comfortable. When in doubt, use long shirts and pants underneath the costume to prevent it from having direct contact with the skin.


Happy Halloween!

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