Finding The Perfect Children’s Allergy Specialist

children allergy specialist

If your child suffers from allergies of any kind, you may be wondering where to turn for help. The Internet is a great resource for learning more about what works for other parents – but it’s no replacement for the detailed information you can get about your child from a specialist. Your child is unique and their allergies are unique too. Working with a great allergy professional is the best first step to tackling the problem and preventing it from getting in the way.

Doctors, nurses, allergists, dietitians, dermatologists, pediatricians… all of these experts can help, but which one is best for your child?

children allergy specialist

Seeing your family doctor or pediatrician is often a great first step in treating allergies. Because these doctors know a lot about a wide variety of issues that your child may be facing, they are often the best resource you have right from the start. They will often perform some preliminary tests and possibly even try a medication or treatment to see if the allergy can be easily controlled. If not, they are able to refer you to specialists that can go deeper in to the issue in an effective way.

children allergy specialist

Working with a  dietitian is a great way to handle food allergies. These experts understand how to help your child get all the nutrition they need while at the same time keeping them away from foods that are known to cause allergies. Working hand-in-hand with your doctor and dietitian is a great way to tackle a food allergy fast.

children allergy specialist

 dermatologist is a skin expert, so if your child is dealing with itching, rashes, eczema, blemishes, or other skin-based allergies, this is who you want to book an appointment with. You can see a dermatologist without a referral in most cases, but with children they will usually want you to be seeing a doctor as well. Your dermatologist will be able to run skin allergy tests that single out issues and give you cutting-edge treatment options to handle any issue.

If your child suffers from allergies, you can rest assured that there is no lack of help out there! Start with your doctor to make sure that your child is in great health, then follow the path from there. It can be frustrating to be in the dark about how to work with your child’s allergies – so let these professionals help out and take the guesswork out of healing your child.

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  1. Tomas Killington says:

    My daughter has always struggled with allergies. She is always itchy and sneezing. I didn’t realize that an allergist can work with other professional s like dietitians to eliminate foods from diets that cause allergic reactions. That seems like something that would benefit my daughter.

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