We are so excited to announce that ScratchMeNots have won the Parent Tested, Parent Approved Seal of Approval! We truly believe in our ScratchMeNots as they helped not only our family, but many other families battling skin irritants such as eczema! We are honored that parents have chosen our product to receive this award. It’s great to hear that parents can actually see how ScratchMeNots have helped their children. Their skin damage from scratching has been greatly reduced along with infections. Although we have received this award, the people that truly benefit the most are the babies and toddlers wearing ScratchMeNots. We are thankful that we are able to expose more and more parents to ScratchMeNots and how they can work for their little ones.

We will proudly show the PTPA Seal and appreciate all of the families that have trusted our products for their children. We will continue to make ScratchMeNots better and better.

For more information about the PTPA Seal of Approval, read our Press Release.

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