I love how the ‘Incredibles’ movie finally showed moms as we truly are: Super Heroes! And this coming Monday will be the start of “MOMMY Mondays”. A     chance for moms to share with other moms who may be new to eczema or may have run out of ideas on our SMN Facebook page! With every Monday comes a new topic, idea or question.

Most of us can imagine this:

Walking past your little one’s room and you can’t help but hear your uncontrollable scratching toddler at work! And as you get closer, you notice new red patches. Immediately, you move into action (like the super hero you are) and begin the process of making it better.

Now of course, you have a ScratchMeNot handy (*wink*wink) BUT what else do you do to soothe the itch? What are some things that work for your child’s flare ups?

As moms, we come to rescue several times a day on even the smallest things (like applying cream after every diaper change to ensure their dry skin is moisturized and soft). Being a super parent is not always glamorous, yet our consistency produces GREAT results!

Even if you have a small tip that gives your child relief, share it on our SMN Facebook page on Monday! A great way to get feedback from other moms who are in the trenches with you. I can hardly wait!

Even super heros have blah days, so if you have questions or want to chat today, contact us! Or post a message on Facebook!

Today I’m going to practice my super hero face in the mirror: