Photo Aggravated Eczema – Join us to Support Bethany

An allergy to the sun or heat? Imagine that playing outdoors during the summer months is considered a danger rather than a delight. Family vacations are geared towards winter activities and taking cool baths becomes the norm. This is a quick glimpse into the world of photo aggravated eczema.

Amy has been diligently raising awareness about Photo Aggravated Eczema since her daughter, Bethany has been diagnosed with the condition. Since this is an uncommon condition, few know that it exists and even less know of the degree of the flare ups associated with it. Amy has been documenting her day to day routine, ups and downs through the “Support & Understanding Bethany” Facebook page. Bethany is in need of constant medical attention, which also requires daily medical supplies, medication and creams due to constant flare ups and infections.

During the months of January and February,  Short Stacks is helping Bethany in two ways: 1) Awareness and 2) Donations. For every ScratchMeNot sold during the month of January and February, we will donate $1 to Bethany’s family to help towards her daily needs.

Note from Amy:

Hello, my name is Amy.  I have a daughter named Bethany who is 3 years old.  She has a condition called photo aggravated eczema.  The condition means that my daughter is allergic to sunlight and UV rays.  It burns her skin, makes her very itchy, blotchy, and rashy; it makes her tear her skin apart as it itches terribly. My daughter is also allergic to heat, which causes the same reactions. My daughter suffers on a day to day basis with her skin condition, therefore  I am trying to raise awareness.  Many people judge her for the way she looks.  We have had some very horrible comments made and not many people have heard or understand her condition. This, along with her daily battle, is why I am raising awareness for Photo Aggravated Eczema.

-Amy (Bethany’s mum)

 For further information about Bethany and her family, check out the  Support and Understanding for Bethany Facebook page and their website,”Support and Understanding Photo Aggravated Eczema“.



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