New ScratchMeNot Colors Raise Awareness During National Eczema Month

Dallas, Texas – According to research, approximately 10 percent of children suffer from eczema, usually starting in infancy, a skin condition that constitutes an itchy rash. Many children cannot stop scratching long enough for their skin to heal. That is why ScratchMeNot Flip Mitten Sleeves are essential for young ones with eczema, for newborns to age 6.

In recognition of National Eczema Month (October), ScratchMeNots have unveiled two new colors, Papaya Splash and Puzzled Green. The colors coordinate with the National Eczema Association’s brand colors and work to increase awareness about the prevalence of eczema and ways to help ease its effects.

Andrea Thomas, creator of ScratchMeNots, is excited about the new colors and the chance to raise awareness. “Our children wearing NEA colors can help spread the word by educating those we encounter about eczema and how it impacts children and families,” she said. “Plus, the colors are great and can easily be worn with Halloween costumes.” Puzzled Green; think Incredible Hulk.  

“With eczema, kids are constantly scratching itchy skin which causes skin damage rather quickly. We’re excited that ScratchMeNot Flip Mitten Sleeves prevent this damage by allowing parents to cover their fingers when they scratch and when the scratching has subsided, parents can open the mittens allowing hands free time,” said Thomas. When their hands are covered, children can still do all normal activities including playing, eating and writing.

Eczema Awareness Month is all about education, informing the public about what eczema is, how to treat it and raising support for continued research. Throughout the month of October, ScratchMeNot is offering $5 off of their Day & Night Duo Pack (coupon code: SMN5RP) or 20 percent off three or more ScratchMeNots (no code needed).  Visit to purchase and learn more about product benefits and initiatives.

To learn more about eczema, visit the National Eczema Association’s website. Andrea Thomas, the creator of the ScratchMeNot, can be reached for comment at 888.220.9026.

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