October Is Eczema Awareness Month!

We are so fortunate that the National Eczema Association (NEA) has organized this amazing time of year to focus on the needs of the eczema community. Eczema Awareness Month is a time when we can all band together and look at advances we’ve made and areas where we need to continue to grow – and it gives those who suffer from eczema a chance to receive the support and encouragement they deserve!

For the entire month of October 2013, the NEA will be sharing amazing news, resources, and inspiration to help people living with eczema get the answers and support they need most. We’ll be sharing this information with you on the ScratchMeNot Facebook page, and we also encourage you to watch the NEA’s page as well for tons of great content every day.

In celebration of Eczema Awareness Month, here are some thing that you can do to raise awarness…

  • Provide NEA education materials to 5 local dermatologist offices or other medical offices
  • Provide NEA education materials to your county’s school nurses
  • Provide NEA education materials to university medical schools’ dermatology departments
  • Distribute NEA materials at a local Health Fair
  • Post on online message boards
  • Speak at a school assembly or initiate classroom discussions
  • Post information about eczema at your workplace
  • Write to your local and/or national government representatives
  • Contact local media about Eczema Awareness Month and share your eczema story (Radio, TV, newspaper, magazine, online outlets)

Pretty great ideas, right?

We hope that you’ll join us in celebrating this amazing event and in putting energy into raising awareness for eczema and all those who live with it.

Below are some great resources that we hope you’ll check out this month…

NEA on Facebook

The NEA Website

ScratchMeNot on Facebook


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