Keeping Eczema Down As The Summer Heats Up

In many areas of the country, it is predicted that this is going to be one of the warmer
and dryer summers we’ve seen in recent years. If you have a child with eczema, it’s
especially important during this kind of weather that you take a few extra precautions to
help prevent eczema flare ups in babies and children of all ages. The good news is that
managing your child’s eczema isn’t complicated, and it just requires a few extra steps to
help make the most out of the coming summer season.

One thing we know about eczema in children is that dryness makes it worse. Proper
hydration of the skin can cut back drastically on eczema issues, and help bring relief from
itching to your child as well. But hydration isn’t just the process of putting on lotion. It’s
important that you choose lotions and hydration techniques that are safe for your child’s skin, effective against eczema issues, and work well with the warm, dry months ahead.


One of the best ways to do a complete hydration to help with your child’s eczema is
through a bath. The skin is eager to absorb water, so using this all natural method can
actually be really effective! Make sure that you don’t use overly hot water as this can
dry out the skin and make things worse. If you use any kinds of bath products such as
soaks, shampoos, soaps, or other cleaning agents, make sure that they are all nature, don’t
contain any alcohols or harsh chemicals, and that they are safe for your child’s delicate

Once the bath is over, immediately apply an all natural soothing moisturizer to the
effected areas and to the whole body. This will help seal in all of the wonderful hydration
your child’s skin has absorbed during the bath.

Many parents find that treating their child’s eczema with one to three baths a day is
extremely effective. Getting creative with toys, games, and even inexpensive backyard
kiddie pools can make it easier to get your child excited about taking baths throughout
the day – so have fun with it! Treating your child’s eczema can be transformed into a
time of play, bonding, nurturing, and fun.

In addition to bathing, make sure that applying a rich moisturizer is also part of your
daily routine – three to five applications a day is usually great for most children with

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2 thoughts on “Keeping Eczema Down As The Summer Heats Up

  1. Prince Kay says:

    I read this article about eczema and would like to share a solution I found in Africa with others. I had the worst case of eczema until a year ago. The herbal solution is a mix of rare plants and extracts that are formed into soap.

    The soap is foamed and applied to affected areas two times a day. All the symptoms should be fully cleared in 7 to 10 days – It stops the itching on day one!

    I would like to send a sample to individuals who are willing to try the herbal soap. Let me know if you have patients who may be interested.

    Prince Kay

  2. Samantha says:

    My husband bought foderma serum for me to help with an eczema outbreak. The prescription strength steroid cream was not working and in fact my condition was worsening. I applied foderma serum to the infected area twice a day and one week later there was no sign of eczema!!

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