Soy Milk Alternatives

soy milk alternatives

Many families work hard to avoid dairy milk due to sensitivities, allergies, inflammatory issues, or a dislike of the taste or texture. We are so fortunate because the market right now provides us with  many alternatives that seem to be healthier. Soy milk is one of the most popular cow’s milk alternatives, but what can people do who have allergies or sensitivities to soy? What are the best soy milk alternatives, and how do various kinds of milks compare? Let’s explore!

dairy free alternatives

Cow’s Milk

Regular milk is processed and pasteurized in most locations. It comes from cows, and often contains antibiotics and hormones which some people object to. Although organic dairy milk causes no problem for many people, some are sensitive to it. Lactose intolerant individuals and those with a variety of inflammatory conditions may find that dairy milk simply doesn’t sit well with their bodies. The good news is that we have many alternatives, and most of them are easy to find no matter where you live.

soy milk

Soy Milk

The leading dairy alternative in the USA is soy milk. This creamy, nutty milk is made by soaking soy nuts in water, blending them, then removing any fibrous pulp. Soy milk comes in a variety of flavors and sweetener levels, and tends to look and behave very similarly to dairy milk. Soy milk makes a great dairy alternative for many people, but some find that too much of it can cause issues. Others find that GMO soybeans or soybeans in general simply don’t fit in with their overall health goals. There are several soy milk alternatives to choose from, many of them are comparable in price, texture, and flavor.

rice milk

Rice Milk

Rice milk is made the same way soy milk is made. It tends to have a watery consistency with a light, sweet rice flavor. It is low in calories, and comes in a variety of flavors. Rice is a very neutral food that few people have allergies to. For those who prefer not to have rice milk, there are a variety of other nut milks to choose from.

hemp milk

Hemp Milk

Hemp milk is extremely popular right now because of its omega 3 fatty acid content and high protein content. It can be a bit on the pricey side, but it makes an amazing shake or smoothie base and a wonderful treat when recovering from an illness. Hemp milk is most famous for its amazing flavor. It is nutty, complex, light, and sweet all at the same time, and the texture is heavenly!

nut milk

Almond Milk & Nut Milks

Many people love almond milk, cashew milk, or other nut milks. You can actually make milk from just about any kind of nut, so the options are endless. While nut milks should be avoided if there are nut allergies present, they can make a great dairy or soy milk alternative for any family who needs other options. You may be surprised at the flavors these milks have – they are often times very comforting, sweet, and rich making them the perfect addition to cereals, recipes, and shakes.



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