Are You Cooling Your Home Without This?

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Summertime begs for air conditioning, but are you cooling your home without this essential item? Or maybe you’re over cooling your home. Eczema is a challenging journey for more and more families. Indoor heat, ventilation & air quality can make it harder keep eczema under control.

A simple suggestion? A humidifier. We want our homes to be comfortable whether it’s winter or summer. Yet, blowing air conditioning or heat throughout the day can cause the indoor air to be quite drying to our skin. A humidifier keep the air hydrated, along with your skin.

Most of the time, we think of humidifiers in the winter as our skin is naturally prone to be drier. Yet, over cooling a home can cause the same damage. Keeping a humidifier in the rooms where most of your time is spent can really help.

I love to use a humidifier or vaporizer in the kids’ rooms at night. I’ve found that it helps them sleep better, wake up with less bloody noses, and keeps their skin hydrated.

Important reminder:

Humidifiers & vaporizers are NOT maintenance free and you must keep it clean to prevent it from harboring bacteria. The last thing, we want to do is solve one problem, yet create another. I’ve compiled a list of humidifiers on Amazon that’s received great reviews, even a simple vaporizer (my winter fav) that’s easy on the pockets.


The cost can range from $20 to $1000+, depending on your usage needs. Do you want a portable or a whole-house humidifier. Did you know Dyson recently released with a humidifier that uses UV lights to kill bacteria in the water before moisture is dispensed into the air? These are features to keep in mind when searching for a quality humidifier. Sometimes, the higher cost is something to consider, (and it’s a piece of art, just look at).


Maintaining a humidifier is essential to remove any bacteria and scaling residue. While the exact instructions vary depending on the product, for the most part, you’re dumping out the old water, disinfecting the basin, wiping the interior parts down with vinegar or bleach, and replacing or cleaning the filter. This is key: if the humidifier will not be in use for a few days, be sure to dump the water out to prevent bacteria build up.

Which is your favorite humidifier?

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