Testing For Heavy Metals & Infections

heavy metals and infections

If your child deals with eczema, chances are you’re looking at diet as a way to get things under control. Food is one of the most common triggers for eczema flare ups, and one of the most effective areas of treatment parents use to help soothe the itch their children endure. While I’m a big fan of using diet to help heal eczema as you’ll see on the ScratchMeNot blog – but that may not always be the best place to start. I’ve found that a preliminary test to look at any toxins, heavy metals, or infections is a great start, and one that can help us parents save ourselves a lot of guesswork and time.

Toxins can get into our children’s bodies in a variety of ways. Heavy metals, plastics, preservatives, environmental pollutants, and pesticides are all known issues for children and adults alike. These materials can build up over time and start to cause issues with the immune system like eczema, recurring illness, mood issues, and fatigue. If you suspect that this might be a factor in your child’s eczema issue – it’s definitely worth having a test done with a medical professional to see what’s going on.

Another factor to consider when your child’s immunity seems to be challenged is infection. We all know than an infection fires up the immune system and requires a lot of the body’s resources – but what happens when that infection goes unseen? Issues with bacteria and fungus can happen under the surface where there are little to no symptoms – and they can cause serious problems with immunity and eczema flare ups. The good news is that it’s relatively easy for doctors to check for these kinds of issues when asked, and it’s a great first step to rule out any infections or auto-immune issues before diets like GAPS, gluten-free, or elimination are tried.

Testing may seem a little scary at first – but it’s a relatively easy experience for both parent and child, and it can open up the doors to lots of really great answers. If you’re lucky enough to find a doctor or medical professional who specializes in these things, they can often run a single test and get all kinds of information from it. There’s usually no need to return time after time to give blood until something is found. Since allergies and eczema diagnoses are on the rise in kids, many doctors are really looking at this work seriously and are more willing than ever to run these tests and see what may be causing the issues. Don’t hesitate to ask – and if you get an answer that doesn’t seem right, always give yourself the power of a second or third opinion!

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