Healthy Ways To Get More Energy

how to get more energy

As parents, we’re used to running on low some days. Sleep is often not as good as it should be, and our diets are often not perfect either. Stress, worry, insomnia, and a little too much thinking can all lead to days where we feel like we’re literally out of fuel. While the shelves of stores are filled with energy drinks, pills, and supplements that claim to give us a boost – they may not always be the best choice for a family that’s trying to eat and live well. These drinks and pills often contain caffeine, chemical stimulants, synthetic nutrients, sugar, and lots of preservatives – all things we should avoid. But if you’re feeling tired, there’s good news. We’ve got a few simple ideas you can use to help boost your energy during the day no matter how little rest you may have gotten last night.


This may sound counter-intuitive, but the right kind of movement can literally unlock energy in your body so that you feel better. Taking a few minutes to stretch, especially outside in the fresh air, can get your blood moving and increase how much energy moves within you.


There are lots of foods that can help boost energy without the crash. Fresh organic fruits, cold water with a squeeze of lemon or dash of apple cider vinegar, green tea, and dark chocolate are all natural ways to get a clean, crash-free energy boost anytime you need it.


Stress is a major influence on how much pep we have during the day. When you feel fatigued, watch your thoughts and make sure to use things like positive affirmations, gentle internal dialogue, and focusing on the positive. These things can help lift the mood and remove the tired effects of stress from your life.

Get Happy!

Sing a song, turn up the radio, dance, watch a funny movie, or have your kids tell you jokes. Laughter is a sure-fire way to feel better and get a natural boost of great energy, and you can rely on it anytime, anywhere!

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