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Testing For Heavy Metals & Infections

If your child deals with eczema, chances are you’re looking at diet as a way to get things under control. Food is one of the most common triggers for eczema flare ups, and one of the most effective areas of treatment parents use to help soothe the itch their children endure. While I’m a big fan of using diet to help heal eczema as you’ll see on the ScratchMeNot blog – but that may not always be the best place to start. I’ve found that a preliminary test to look at any toxins, heavy metals, or infections is a great Read More

Metal Allergies & Eczema Flare Ups

Nickel Eczema Allergies
Recently there’s been a lot of discussion in the news and among professionals about the relationship between metal allergies and eczema. While many people have metal allergies, their presence isn’t always obvious. We touch and interact with a variety of metals and metal blends pretty much every day, so it can be really hard to look at metals as a possible trigger for eczema and other allergy-based issues. While most metals are considered to be safe and hypoallergenic, there are some that are notorious for causing issues – and it turns out that there may be a correlation between these Read More