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Packing Lunches For Kids With Special Diets

Allergies, paleo, plant-based, gluten sensitivities… these are just a few of the most common special diets that many parents have to work with as they pack school lunches every day. Sometimes it seems that we have more ‘no’ foods than ‘yes’ foods, and coming up with ways to nourish our kids while they’re at school with foods they’ll actually eat becomes nearly impossible. The good news is that there are some simple and effective things we can do to get super healthy, super gentle foods in our kids’ diets at school without going completely crazy trying to make it happen. Read More

Diet & Behavior

As parents we learn pretty quickly which things cause behavioral issues in our kids. Not enough sleep, too much stimulation, long car rides, heat, and other factors can all turn up the grumpy or even lead to full meltdowns. While all kinds of factors influence how kids and adults feel and act, there’s one thing that ‘takes the cake’ when it comes to behavioral issues – diet. More and more parents are discovering that what their kids eat has a direct link to how their kids act, and there’s even some interesting science behind why it all happens. In recent Read More

Eating Organic On A Budget

We all want to feed our families the very best in healthy food – and organic produce is part of that. But what happens when organic fruits and vegetables are just too far out of budget? While the cost of organic foods is slowly going down as they become more popular, there are still some favorite foods that can get really expensive. While buying organic is always a good move, today I’m going to tell you about the foods you can get away with buying non-organic when needed, and I’ll tell you which foods you should always buy organic. The Read More

Using The Paleo Diet To Fight Inflammation And Eczema

Inflammation is one of the leading causes of eczema flare ups – and it’s also the issue that keeps eczema itchy, hot, and painful. When inflammation hits, the entire immune system is on guard and it may end up performing in a less than ideal way. Many parents who recognize just how much inflammation plays into their child’s eczema wonder what they can do to fight it – and for many the solution is the paleo diet. This simple, whole food diet is naturally anti-inflammatory as it cuts out the foods commonly believed to cause inflammation while soothing the digestion, Read More

The GAPS Diet And Eczema

When parents first start looking at how to help control and heal their child’s eczema, diet seems to be one of the first things that come up. On the ScratchMeNot Facebook page I see people talking about diets all the time and sharing which ones seem to help the most. While all kids have different needs, there are some diets that seem to help kick-start a healing process or soothe a sever outbreak, and the GAPS diet is one of them. The GAPS Diet, also known as the Gut And Psychology Diet, was created by Dr. Sidney Valentine Hass and Read More