Leaky Gut & Eczema

If you’ve got eczema in your life, you’re probably well aware that a variety of allergies and sensitivities can aggravate or even cause eczema outbreaks and irritations. Because of the connection to diet, sensitivities, and food allergies, many nutrition specialists and eczema researchers have been looking at leaky gut syndrome to see if there’s a correlation – and the results may surprise you.

Leaky gut syndrome happens when the intestinal tract becomes permeable and allows substances, especially toxins, into the blood. A normally functioning intestinal tract will prevent anything but filtered nutrients, protein, and water from getting into the blood stream, but a leaky gut may not have that ability. Incompletely digested proteins, bacteria, and other things may work their way into the blood stream when the intestinal tract is compromised leading to a type of allergic reaction that may often show up as eczema.

Leaky gut syndrome, also called increased intestinal permeability, isn’t really recognized by mainstream medicine just yet. Many doctors will look at nutrition when it comes to allergies because this is usually an effective place to explore, but they typically won’t go further. In order to get accurate and up to date information about leaky gut and what you can do to prevent it from causing trouble in your life, you may need to seek out the advice of a nutritionist or Naturopathic Doctor.

Like all allergies, exploring what lies underneath eczema can be a process. Many people find that looking at the foods they eat is a good place to start. Next, exploring more intensive medical issues like leaky gut issues may bring answers.

If you believe that leaky gut syndrome may be influencing your eczema, the best thing you can do is reach out to an understanding health care professional. Starting with a Naturopath or dietitian is a great first step, and you may find that there are some really effective resources available!


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  1. aspecialist says:

    Leaky gut or eczema needs to be taken very carefully. It might lead to something serious if not treated properly. Antibiotic has a biggest contributor in developing leaky gut. There are natural ways that doesn’t need any medicines involved. There are natural ways that can treat the leaky gut and digestive issue. […]

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