Healthy Teeth On Any Diet

Healthy Teeth Diet

Every time I take my kids to the dentist I get a knot in my stomach. I always worry that their teeth won’t be in good repair and always want the best for the health and strength of their smiles. Recently, I started thinking about the fact that special diets used for allergies and eczema could be keeping super important nutrients out of our kids’ diets which are essential for healthy teeth. What if a non-dairy diet causes demineralization of teeth? What if animal proteins are essential for gum and enamel health? When I started thinking about the health of my own kids’ teeth I dug in and did some research. I wanted to find out which foods really helped keep teeth and gums healthy, and I wanted to find out if the most popular allergy and eczema diets took these foods away from kids. If you’ve got a child on a special diet and want to ensure that your child is getting enough nourishment for their gums and teeth, read on and find out what I discovered!

What We’re Missing

Here’s some really good news for you. I found out that pretty much any restricted diet has options for food replacements that benefit teeth. If you can’t give your child dairy, nuts, some greens, or animal proteins there are ways you can still help support the look, strength, and overall health of their teeth through the healing power of food.

If your child is on a special diet like mine are, check out the foods below to find which ones you can add for some simple dental support!

Foods That Help With Healthy Teeth & Gums


Just like bones, teeth need calcium to build, strengthen and repair themselves. While most dairy products are high in calcium, beans and greens are too!


Iron is essential for overall gum and oral health. Iron is high in meats and other animal proteins, but you can also find it in many greens, whole grains, nuts, and some natural cereals.

B Vitamins

B vitamins help with healing and oral health. You can find them in a wide variety of healthy foods like spinach, beans, and some fruits

Vitamin C

This is an essential for overall teeth health. Enough vitamin C helps the mouth heal, strengthen, and protect itself from illness. Some foods high in C include sweet potatoes and citrus fruits like oranges.

Vitamin D

The body cannot absorb or assimilate calcium without the presence of vitamin D. While many dairy products are fortified with D vitamins, the best place to get them is from natural foods like kale, spinach, and soy beans.


So, that’s a pretty varied list of foods that many kids can safely eat. If you find that your child can’t have any of the foods that contain an essential vitamin, just do al little research to see which foods are high in that particular vitamin and look for one they can enjoy safely.

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