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Scratching And Temper Tantrums

Are your child itching and throwing temper tantrums? Most toddlers do! It’s one thing to see your child suffer from constant itching and scratching – and another to see scratching and temper tantrums combined. Double the trouble. Stress, anxiety, frustration, and immune system responses can all be wrapped up in both itching and emotional meltdowns, […]

UPDATE: Itchy Skin questions & Dr. Cockerell

A Note From Andrea from ScratchMeNot: This original post was published in 2012, can you believe it?! This was early in my eczema mom-ing journey, I had a little one with moderate to severe eczema and was researching like crazy to get it under control. Thankfully we had ScratchMeNots to stop my daughter’s scratching damage as we visited […]

Pets, Eczema, and Allergies

There is little else that brings a smile to the face of a child than a family pet. Animals are known to be extremely therapeutic for children, and they are a great way for kids to learn compassion, responsibility, and nurturing. Most every kid loves being around dogs, cats, and other family pets, but what […]