The Right Juice!

If you’re like most parents, juice is a favorite go-to drink to help hydrate your kids and give them some extra nutrients as well. Most kids love juice, but not all juices are created equal. The hard truth is that some juices, even ‘natural’ juices, aren’t much better for your kids health than regular old soda pop. The good news is that you can treat your kids with juice and give them countless health benefits at the same time when you know how to use the right juice!


What’s Inside

Before you give juice to your kids, read the label. If sugar is at the top or if high fructose corn syrup is on the list, stay away. Even real fruit content doesn’t make up for feeding your kids more sugar than they need. The truth is that real fruit is super sweet and doesn’t need any extra sugar to make kids love it!


The Right Juice

The absolute best juice to give your kids is the juice you make yourself. Juicers are a simple, fun, and money saving way to get real fruit (and even veggies) to your kids in a way that will make them think it’s 100% treat!

Juicing works great with most every kind of fruit, and the juice created from just a few pieces of fresh fruit creates a juice drink that will wow you and your family. Fresh fruit juice is sweet, tart, and packed with vitamins and nutrients that growing kids need. You can also add many types of veggies and leafy greens to your kids fruit juice that just ends up making them taste even better!


Avoid The Juice Fad

Juicing is a fad fasting and dieting method among many adults. It’s a good idea to avoid all of that when it comes to juicing for your kids. Stick to making juice 3-5 times per week as a treat using all natural and fresh fruit. Juice does not keep, so make it over ice cubes to be enjoyed within an hour of being made.


In addition to making juice for your kids, having a juicer on hand gives you access to freshly made veggie and juice drinks that are packed with amazing flavor and tons of nutrition for the grown-ups as well. Enjoy!



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